Mask Braces - it's airborne!

Wear a Mask / Mask Brace

“mask braces” (AKA “Fitters”) to be placed on top of your surgical-style mask to make a better masks

This University of Wisconsin study (Rothamer et al 2020) is key: You must add a “fitter” to your lower quality mask to protect yourself.

Their takeaway:

See and Badger Seal and many other choices

Aaron Collins talks about mask braces on his youtube channel (March 15, 2021).

One home-made mask brace to pick out from the mant choices online is the one made in this short video

Double masking alternate

The idea is that you place a snug cloth mask over your surgical mask.

Study from Feb, 2021: Maximizing Fit for Cloth and Surgical-style Masks to Improve Filtration - Brooks et al (CDC)