Sites focussing on how to not catch Covid-19 (prevention)

Covid is primarily airborne, of course.

Aerosol/Airborne scientists on Twitter pushing the COVID is airborne agenda:

All these consider the primary transmission mechanism to be airborne/aerosols, think you should take the vaccines you’re offered and wear masks when mixing with other in enclosed spaces when there is a chance that any one of them count be infected.

University Leadership PhDs and Researchers Medical Professionals Industry
Prof Kimberly Prather Anthony J Leonardi PhD Dr Eric Feigl-Ding Jim Rosenthal
Prof Jose-Luis Jimenez Malgorzata Gasperowicz PhD Abraar Karan, MD MPH Nicolas Smit
Prof Linsey Marr Aaron Collins MSc Denise Dewald MD Devabhaktuni Srikrishna
Prof Trisha Greenhalgh Asit Mistra PhD David Fisman MD Barry Hunt
Prof Cath Noakes Lisa M. Brosseau Joe Vipond MD Joey Fox
Assistant Prof Orla Hegarty   Evonne Curran PhD  
Dean, Richard Corsi   David Tomlinson MD  
Prof Jacob Aguilar   Dr David Berger MD  
Prof Prasad Kasibhatla   Kashif Pirzada, MD  

Note the above lists contain no WHO employees, consultants or committee members.

Aligned sites focussing on Covid-19 after infection.

Aligned means agree that Covid is Airborne and that it is a mistake to talk up handwashing for a breathe-in-in-to-get-infected disease.

Long Covid

You could sense you may have Long Covid after 30 days from infection and not feeling better. Medical tests leading to diagnosis remain elusive, which means not all medical professionals are convinced as you self-describe symptoms.

Sudden death risks over six months

Vascular damage after Covid19 ravages your body, carry major and often latent health risks. People who think they’ve recovered from the virus, often have no idea of the major risks they face.

Long term immune system risks

This group may also feel they have fully recovered. It is wooly, but it is felt that while the CD4 are wiped out after a covid infection, opportunistic infections take hold. They may have been in you already but suppressed by the T-cell system, or they may be new to you.