Wear A Mask - it's airborne!

If you’re in a country that has not eliminated COVID-19, wear a mask when mixing with other in enclosed spaces.

Any cloth face covering is better than nothing. But, you should seek to get the best mask that you can as soon as you can without depleting the stocks that emergency workers use.

Your cloth face covering:

If you’re wearing a surgical-style mask that you bought from the supermarket or a corner store, consider a fitter (see below). The stretchy spandex (lycra) ones that are single layer are really low self-protection.

If you can’t wear a mask or cloth face covering stay at home and get your food/groceries delivered.

If you can afford it, get KF94 masks (that are not cloth or washable) for use when mixing with other in public. Citizen Scientist, Aaron Collins, reviews masks for filtration effectiveness and talks about KF94 masks quite a bit. Leave the N95 and FFP2 masks/respirators for respective medical and emergency workers.

“Fitters” to be placed on top of your surgical-style mask (better masks)

This University of Wisconsin study (Rothamer et al 2020) is key: You must add a “fitter” to your lower quality mask to protect yourself.

Pics of the four masks they tested:

The all-important filtration boost - indicated in chart form:

See fixthemask.com and Badger Seal and many other choices google.com/search?q=mask+fitters.

Aaron Collins talks about fitters on his youtube channel (March 15, 2021).

Double masking (better masks)

Key studies & Test on filtration effectiveness of various materials/masks:

Articles & More Information

Timings from start of video:

Timings from start of video:

Anti-Masker activities

Anti Masker groups motivated by politics, hatred of your group/country, bad science, their own bad breath and more, link to things that can (they claim) prove their case. Their bogus talking points:

Raina MacIntyre

Study ‘MacIntyre et al, 2015’, figures quite a lot as an anti-masker “truth”. Goddard’s Journal went into this study above. Meanwhile, Raina C MacIntyre is disgusted with mis-representation by the anti-masker crowd. She has published more in the last twelve months to further indicate her science that masks work and we should wear them: