COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission - evidence!

(Graphic a modification of one by Tang et al 2021, via Jimenez et al 2021)

This site exists as a resource to outline that there has been scientific evidence for some time to first predict then support COVID-19 infection being driven by airborne/aerosol transmission. Judicial inquires have now started and hopefully the cover-up on how it spreads is surfaced. This site,, has collected evidence and organized into timelines and lists that could help judicial inquiries.

Feb 2020: CDC knows it is airborne

The CDC was briefing from Jan 6th, 2020 that Covid-19 was airborne, surfaced in a July 2023 freedom of information act request. Just three excerpts of many:

Our main chronological timelines and lists

  1. Evidence COVID-19 is airborne interactive timeline and list - 148 entries (2020 - 2023)
  2. Evidence other diseases are airborne interactive timeline and list - 116 entries (1901 - 2023)
  3. As #2 but pre-1900 interactive timeline and list - 14 entries (up to 1901)
  4. The WHO’s back and forth on whether COVID-19 is airborne or not and list - 16 entries (2020-2023)

Broken out it’s airborne (too) for specific diseases

Words from our scientist friends:

Network is just one site. There are others that agree with covid is primarily airborne that focus on different topics. See our list: