COVID-19 is transmitted in aerosols - it's airborne!

For COVID-19 the incorrect original advice from the WhO was around a vague “close contact”, droplets and fomites (dirty surfaces). This should have been kicked to the side for correct advice around the predominantly airborne/aerosol nature of transmission. And after that advice, for the people of the world to use any cloth mask immediately in February/March 2020 while each country spun up domestic production lines for N95/FFP2 grade respirators.

The US CDC flipped to endorse the airborne message in May 2021. The WHO similarly flipped in December 2021. Both organizations deserve investigation as to why the worked against the airborne transmission message for so long, and why their change of stance was mumbled rather than promoted hard.

This site exists as a resource to outline that there has been scientific evidence for some time to support COVID-19 infection being driven by airborne/aerosol transmission. As some point there will be a number of judicial inquires as to how the approach for stopping the pandemic could be so bad. The site, among others, has collected evidence.

We have interactive timelines:

  1. Airborne Studies and events that support COVID-19 being transmitted in aerosols 130 entries (2020 - 2022)
  2. Studies and events that show many other diseases are airborne too 57 entries (1901 - 2022)
  3. A companion pre-1900 ‘many diseases are airborne’ - studies/events 11 entries (up to 1901)
  4. The WHO’s bad statements and positions on COVID-19 before pivoting to airborne 16 entries (2020-2021)

Words from our scientist friends:

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To learn more, follow these experts who study aerosol and are actively pushing the COVID is airborne agenda: Prof Jose-Luis Jimenez, Prof Kimberly Prather and Prof Linsey Marr who have been educating the world on the aerosol transmission nature of COVID-19. Their Twitter accounts - @jljcolorado, @kprather88, and @linseymarr - which you should follow.

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